Are you still looking for the perfect affordable POS solution for your business ?

Tablets POS will be the good choice for you . It has large touch screens, better visibility, and accessibility, and with the technological improvements of recent years, the powerful processors is allowing them to run complex apps.

However, a tablet point-of-sale is not complex, nor difficult to use — in fact, you can use these incredible tools to create a technological infrastructure in your restaurant or hospitality easily.

Tablet payment pos system for customer display

In this article, we will discuss about:

Why is the tablet POS solution is become more and more popular ?

The advantages of a point-of-sale for tablet.

Current challenges of the tablet POS .

And finally, I will tell you about the right way of select tablet POS vendors .

1.Why the tablet POS solution is more and more popular all over the world ?

Deeply convergence of wireless technology based robust, fast, secure, business process solutions and ubiquitous tablet devices are the major driving forces for advanced mobile POS Terminal adoption.

Building a concise and cost-efficient payment system is becoming the biggest challenge faced by the businesses today , especially in the retail sector. Low deployment cost and speedier checkout offered by Tablet POS Terminal has considerably increased their adoption. Tablets POS solution are not only improving Return on Investment (ROI) but it helps to meet the targeted sales as well as labor efficiency.

The traditional POS system ,which use the metal equipment to bulky computers all are comparatively costly .A tablet POS gives you all the functions that desktop computers modified to serve as a POS offer you.and it includes an elegant combination of both POS hardware as well as software.

Various software companies are providing solutions to manage customer data, inventory control, and analytics. Companies like PayPal, Groupon have come up with payment hardware accessories what work with any tablet ,it present super convenient and secure ways to deal with credit card payments.

Though retail POS segment is dominating with over 30% of the overall POS market share ; the restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, retail, warehouse and entertainment are not far away from adopting mobile tablet POS terminals. Growing adoption among SMBs and micro-merchants is caused the retail segment dominance.

With the help of mobile tablet, staff can easily get valuable data on the fly and use them at the time of customer service. Information on pricing, inventory, product ingredients empowers staff to satisfy customer queries faster and converted to sales. Troubleshooting and fixing problems remotely is now easier for technicians as the store data can be accessed remotely from the cloud. With a tablet-based POS system, customer feedback can be responded immediately right after the service.

As we all know, one of the biggest pain points is high waiting time to deliver services in hospitality and restaurants. The tablet-based POS solutions are helping to speed up service by take orders at the mobile table. Staff can directly send orders from table to kitchen without any delay. Now, the outdoor seating and remote sales can be conducted seamlessly, which generates more revenue.

Due to private and financially sensitive nature of transactions conducted on these POS terminal, most government require extensive certifications and regulations which might restrain its market growth. But some developing economies have an abundance of small retail and Kirana shops where mPOS can be used, no doubt they will select the simple and low cost POS solution .

Mobile tablet POS System with thermal printer

2.Few advantages of tablet POS over the traditional are:

- Unique flexibility and transparency in business:

Checking sales records, inventory management, and customer analysis is now more easy. It can be done from anywhere, physical presence is no more required. Managers can remotely control and monitor the operations from the back end server.

-Affordable Cost :

Traditional Cash register POS system includes the cost of equipment hardware, setup, software license fee, yearly maintenance, staff training etc. which is much higher higher than the tablet POS. Tablet POS is a single device work on SaaS basis where no initial big investment is required but the only small amount is to be paid monthly.

-Easy software upgrades:

Traditional POS generally required a professional staff from initial installation to upgrades time to time whereas tablet POS work from the cloud so software can be upgraded instantly without any expert onsite.

-Better customer service and Enhancing sales:

Availability as well as providing the right information at right time to the right person is key to improve customer services in retail and hospitality sector. With the tablet integrated with several systems, manager or salesperson can provide useful information on demand which helps to convert patrons into customers.

-Secure POS system:

Tablet POS is a secure system, if any theft or damage happen with the tablet, POS data will always be secure and available on the cloud. Contrary to traditional POS will be hard to secure data in such kind of unfortunate event unless some strong backup system is in place.

-Comprehensively integrated solution:

From tracking to the staff’s sales register to accounting analysis, CRM and loyalty programs everything can be well integrated with tablet POS. It has integrations with thermal printers, scales, barcode scanners, kitchen screens, card readers, and more point-of-sale equipment.

Mobile payment tablet POS With Fingerprint scanner

-Strong Mobility :

You can also use it with 4G or WIFI, which is perfect for mobile businesses such as food trucks or conventions where you have a booth.It is also more versatile, easy to move, and wireless. You can complete the sales process from almost anywhere in your business .

-More possibility of operation:

Consider stable tablet stands that allow you to turn your tablet 360 degrees so you can easily turn it to face your customers for quick and secure PIN or login details entry.

3.Challenges the tablet POS is facing .

Undoubtedly, all in one tablet POS terminal is emerging as a compelling solution for most businesses including SMBs, however, there are some challenges as well.

- Misuse of tablets:

Businesses adoption of tablets should not overlook its potential misuse by employees. They are easily tempted by Facebook, twitter, games etc. when they get Wi-Fi/4G on their devices. Due to this, businesses can’t utilize the tablets to its fullest productivity.

- Damage or Theft of tablets:

Tablets serving as handheld POS terminal may store important and confidential data and if any unfortunate event like damage or theft happens, it may cause serious loss.

- Fixed users on POS application all the time:

Because tablets are generic mobile computing devices with the consumer grade operating system, it is possible for mPOS users to digress from the POS application on a tablet and get lost in tablet’s native user interface. This can put the mPOS terminal into an unusable state until main POS application is launched again. Sometimes considerable technical assistance might be required for this which can delay or halt sales transactions.

Windows Desktop POS Cash Register for retails

4.Select Hosoton as your tablet POS partner

Mobile POS systems are a simple and effective solution for your business, and it all starts with choosing the proper equipment and vendors.

If you are interested in going mobile, we feature a selection of powerful tablets and android POS terminal that would be a perfect choice for POS systems.

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Post time: Mar-13-2023