Finance and insurance

Finance and insurance

Digitization is transforming the way customers prefer to interact with BFSI products and services. Banks gain insight into this consumer behavior change and are finding smarter ways to capture the opportunity of digital revolution. When Internet and Mobile banking are adopting as self-servicing mode, financial tablet solution  is looked upon as a creative Customer Relationship Strategy for implementing Door-to-Door banking service as well as an efficient tool for Financial penetration. Our solution gives a personalized view to our customer to keep track and facilitate analysis. It can also easily integrate with third party systems.

Easier Customer On-Boarding with financial tablet

Hosoton Tablet Financial solution lets field staff to do customer on-boarding ‘on the fly’. information collection and Identification ,Account Opening, Credit Card issuance and Loan origination can be done through specific application which loaded on the tablet of the agent. The agents can perform e-KYC of the customers through the tablet solution and collect necessary details which gets uploaded on core banking system. This heavily cuts down turn around time and workflow which in turn improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Simplify Customer Servicing

The solution offers a host of financial services like Fixed Deposits, Cheque Book Request, Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Stop Payment, Utility payments and Fund Transfer which agent or relationship manager can handle through the tablet. The agent can take pictures of necessary documents and upload data to banking system for further processing. Digital signatures through stylus can be used in some procedures which require customer’s authorization.

Improve the financial Inclusion

Tablet banking solution is a good way to reach the unbanked and underbanked population in remote areas who can be included in the formal financial system by expanding the online service of the bank through the network Agents which costs much lower than setting up a offline branch 

Post time: Jun-16-2022