What is The General Types of ODM OEM Design ?

Hosoton offers the all kinds of computer hardware engineering services to customers across the globe. If you have a any demand that listed below, we will help to make it happen.

Mechanical Engineering

● Unique Housing

● Specific Materials

● Complete Accessories

● Placement of I/Os

● Powerful IP Rating

Electrical Engineering

● Tailored Motherboards

● Additional I/Os

● POE Functionality

● Expansion Functional Modules

● Isolation Requirements

Software Development

Currently our scope of software development is limited to Bios and Operating Systems.

Such as boot image, APP installation limitation, specific function disable, Access to root ect

Hosoton does not make application development software and generally works with 3rd party vendors of customers choice.


Hosoton can work directly with labs, or assist customer in obtaining certifications including FCC, CE, ROHS, EN60601, EMV, PCI and region specific certifications for import such as CCC, MSDS and BIS

How to make the ODM ideas come true ?


Talking The Idea Out

Initial Product Consultation and Customization

Experienced account representatives maintain a deep level of product and engineering knowledge. They will listen closely to your project needs and requirements and build a internal project team. You with then either receive a product recommendation based on our off the shelf offerings or a product customization solution. A hardware engineer will get involved to determine what level of structure modification is needed to fulfill project requirements .Or you just want the unique product completely custom to your needs.

Trying The Idea Out

Design Product Demo and Validate Prototype

Some projects require on-site validation of product performance and fit with hands on testing. Hosoton understands the importance of this step in the success of the project. In these cases, hosoton works to provide a sample device that is adequate for function validation. Simply contact a sales rep to inquire about our try before you make decision.


Building The Idea Out

Process the Mass Production of OEM/ODM Product

When the prototype product proves to run well in customer’s project, Hosoton will go ahead to next step , optimize the product details based on the feedbacks from prototype product test,at the same time the small batch trial production will be arranged to make sure product reliability. After the all verification processes have been completed, the mass production will be executed.