Logistic and warehouse

Logistic and warehouse

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● Warehouse and logistic solution

With the development of globalization, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the traditional mode of business operations, portable intelligent logistics system plays a crucial role for improving the logistic efficiency and reducing process cost. The modern logistics is a complex and dynamic process ,which need to handle massive data volumes and respond in time. A smart terminal features easy, secure and fast data communication as well as interconnects with data-collected function, are important to intelligent logistics successful operation .

● Fleet Management

Fleet managers have recognized the necessity to integrate IOT technology into their daily work flow , such as electronic logging, GPS tracking, status inspection and maintenance scheduling. However, finding a suitable device purpose-built to meet the requirements of the harsh outdoor environmental conditions is a growing challenge. Few off-the-shelf smart devices includes the function flexibility and rugged quality to manage fleet and personnel on the road.

The safety and timely delivery of cargo are vital to logistic transportation industry.  Complete information is necessary for fleet manager to track, monitor and manage fleet vehicle, cargo and staff in real-time; cut down the process costs while improving customer satisfaction. The rugged structural superiority of Hosoton rugged Android computers and PDA can overcome the unpredictable road conditions to ensure stable operation. Coming with latest and comprehensive wireless technology, Hosoton rugged tablets and PDA scanner enhance in-transit visibility to optimize fleet dispatch and get real-time data.

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● Warehousing


The purpose of the warehouse management is order accuracy, on time delivery, minimizing inventory costs, and decreasing process costs; rapid response has also become a core competitiveness of logistics warehouse field. Therefore, finding a suitable android device is a key to make warehouse system running smoothly and efficiently. Hosoton rugged handheld PDA scanner and mobile android tablet pc feature the strong processor, advanced structural, well-thought-out I/O interfaces and data transfer functions, which can fulfill the demands of warehouse work flows. By adopting the latest bar code scanner technology and RFID antenna design, the android terminal could offer quickly processing, broader coverage, more stable and efficient data analysis. Beside, built-in rechargeable battery prevents the system damage and data loss caused by unstable power supply. Hosoton ruggedized devices are reliable option for warehouse logistics application, even for freezer environment .

Normally the warehouse management includes following three parts :

1. Purchase Management

1. Order plan

Warehouse managers make purchase plans based on inventory levels and supply chain managers execute corresponding purchases .

2. Goods received

When the goods arrived, worker scan each item of the goods, then screen will show all the information expected. Those data will save in the PDA scanner and sync with the database via wireless technology. The PDA scanner also can offer notifications while scanning shipments. Any goods missing or wrong delivery info will be informed instantly via data comparison .

3. Commodity warehousing

After the commodity get into the warehouse, the worker arrange the storage location of the goods according to the pre-determined rules and inventory situation, then create a barcode label containing the commodity info to the packing boxes, finally sync the data with the management system. when the conveyor recognizes the barcode on the boxes, it will move them to the designated storage area.

2. Inventory Management

1. Stocked check

The warehouse workers scan barcodes of the goods then the info will be submitted to database. Finally the collected information is processed by the management system to form an inventory report.

2. Stocked transfer

The info of the transfer items will be sorted out, then a new barcode of the storage info will be created and stick on the packing boxes before being moved to the indicated area.  The information will update in the system via smart PDA terminal. 

3. Outbound Management

1. Picking goods

Based on the orders plan, the distribution depart will sort out the delivery demand, and take out the info of the items in the warehouse for easily finding them.

2. Delivery process

Scan the label on the packing boxes, then submit the collected data into the system after the operation is completed. When the items are delivery out, the inventory status will update instantly.

4. Benefits of the Barcode Warehouse Management Solution

Handheld PDA barcode scanners make crucial warehouse works run efficiently.

Eliminate paper and artificial mistake: Handwritten or manual spreadsheet inventory tracking is time-consuming and not accurate. With the barcode warehouse management solution, you can easy-to-use inventory tracking software and PDA scanners which specifically designed for inventory management.

Time saving: By using barcodes of the items, you can call up the location of any item within your software. The technology reduces picking errors and can direct workers throughout the warehouse. Besides, it optimizes just-in-time stock keeping for some goods that need to be sold based on their expiry date, market life cycle, etc.

Comprehensive tracking: the barcode scanner effectively identify item information, and warehouse operators transfer data to the warehouse management system effectively and accurately, and make full use of the warehouse space.

Harbor transportation

The shipping ports and container terminals are a complex environment with stocked containers, handling equipment, and needs for 24 hours all-weather operation. To support these conditions, port manager requires a dependable and rugged enough device which overcome the challenge of external environments while providing an optimized visibility for daytime and nighttime work. Beside, container stacking area is spacious and wireless signals are easily hindered. Hosoton can offer wider channel bandwidth, timely and stable data transfer to improve the efficient of container handling and cargo movement. Optimized ruggedized industrial pc facilitates the deployment of port automation.

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