• PIPE Industry

    PIPE Industry

    A modern city sewerage network is made up of different size pipes. It plays a essential role in evacuating rainwater, black water and gray water (from showers or from the kitchen) for storage or treatment. The pipes for the underground sewerage network are produced from ...
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  • Finance and insurance

    Finance and insurance

    Digitization is transforming the way customers prefer to interact with BFSI products and services. Banks gain insight into this consumer behavior change and are finding smarter ways to capture the opportunity of digital revolution. When Internet and Mobile banking are ad...
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  • Education


    The global pandemic has made a profound impact on both K-12 and secondary education, forever changing the classroom experience as we always did . Though the growth in virtual learning was benefit from strict pandemic policy, it demonstrated technology’s power to bridge t...
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  • Healthcare


    As the IoT (internet of things) continues to develop, more areas of healthcare are becoming digitized. It means there is a consistent increasing challenge integrate the technology with different healthcare scenarios. And the healthcare tablet is different from a common i...
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  • Hazardous Field

    Hazardous Field

    Time-sensitive information is important for Workers in the field ,they need to update others with data they are inputting throughout the day.  With Hosoton’s industrial rugged tablets and PDA, capture and transmission of information is easier and more efficient from virt...
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  • Industrial Manufacturing

    Industrial Manufacturing

    With the fierce competition during globalization, the profit margin of the manufacturer is gradually shrinking, reducing costs is a concern of all product factories. Traditional production line solutions that have been worked for many years have more and more challenges:...
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  • Law enforcement

    Law enforcement

    ● Industry Challenges of Law enforcement To ensure that Public Safety agencies such as Police, Fire, and EMS Emergency Medical Services can operate effectively, public safety staffs rely on wireless communic...
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  • Logistic and warehouse

    Logistic and warehouse

    ● Warehouse and logistic solution With the development of globalization, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the traditional mode of business operations, portable intelligent logistics system pla...
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